Thursday, September 18, 2014

Whos ready for Fall- new blog

Can you believe that its almost Fall. YAY!!. Ok so fall in Nevada isn't exactly the same as on the east coast but its gets pretty chili here a few days out of the year. Either way it sure beat 100+ heat. Am I right?

I for one can not wait for sweaters. I love them.

So are you ready for fall?

Be on the look at I will be announcing FALL MINI SESSIONS SOON on my new blog Sweet Amore !! :-)
Please be sure to go there for now on as I have re branded and my blog posts will be there. Thank you

Man this year has gone by wayyyy to fast

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Debbie - baby bump

Holy Moly I am in desperate need to update this blog. I am going to end this year right. I have about 5 blogs in the making and some great surprises in store that I can not wait for you to hear about. My photography took a back seat once I moved and now I'm going to really to dive back in. 

So for now is the beautiful Debbie. I had this blog pending before took a break and I think you would agree that these beautiful mommas belly needs to be shown. What a sweet family.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Fall Mini's part one - Meryl

 Meryl and was one of my first to shoot when I got to Vegas. I held mini sessions and MY FAVORITE PARK. Sunset Park puts any park I have ever been to in Florida to Shame. It was so nice walking around and get amazing photos of them and a few for of modeling port.


Bella - Baby

Oh so Sweet baby Bella. 1 month new :-)

Sweet little thing tried so hard to do our session but we had to cut it short because she wasn't feeling well. Glad she is feeling better now and although we didn't get the shoots we were looking for, we still got a few memories to cherish for years to come.


Jill Maternity

I had the pleasure to meet Jill at her home for her Maternity shoot and had so much fun playing with different looks. And how gorgeous was she LOVE. And of course I love that she was totally game to play and we had got some great shoots.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to give everyone an update.
I am fully moved to the Las Vegas Area, Henderson to be exact. And When I say fully I mean, I have a place to live BUUUUTTTTTTT I'm still out of boxes :-). I will get all unpacked soon. But as I have said before. I HATE MOVING.

I am behind in my blogging of course due to the traveling and moving in to my place and NOT HAVING INTERNET. BLAH but I at least wanted to give you a little sneak peak on here in case you do not follow me on Facebook or Instagram... and if you do not follow me you totally should. I know you all need more pictures on my dogs and what I eat in your life. :-)

What coming up: I have two sessions from Florida still to blog, 2 from Vegas, and of course my road trip photos to show you (I tried to blog form my phone on the trip but that didn't go so well )... so keep your eyes peeled. :-)

I cant wait for my next couple of sessions that I have lined up for the next couple of months and to see what a nice Vegas Winter is like. I hear its pretty darn cold here.

Thanks for stopping by guys, Have a great week..... But on a side note. I cant wait to meet more families to photograph while I am hear and I cant not wait to get some more baby snuggles as I am I LOVE with newborn photography now.. Just throwing that out there to the universe. Hey you never know.

Monday, October 14, 2013

UPDATE - Moving

Hello Hello Everyone!!!

As you know I am in the process of moving. Florida to Las Vegas.
I tried to post a blog while on the road from my cell but it never went through, so I apologize for the delay. I will post a road trip blog with photos as soon as I get settled and caught up on my client blogs

I just have to say, if you have not done a road trip, you are totally missing out. Sure there are allot of boring hours but its those, WHOA did you see that??? It is those moments that make the drive worth it. I mean at least one in your life.